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So,Hey guys I am  back with another topic. Which would just make you fell like you are actually there.
I know that everyone wants their lives to go comfortable and easy. Several upcoming technologies in the future are going to change the whole world. They are going to make the whole world more stronger and marvelous! Many people think  AI is a big threat for our lives , as they think that in the future that is very soon ,robots will replace people and we won’t have jobs. Have you ever imagined how it would be to be filled with robots for our assistance like they do everything, cooking, teaching, doctors,ect? I will tell you some more upcoming breakthroughs which are going to surprise you.

There are many technologies available at your fingertips currently on your phone. for example, the google assistant is available for our assistants 24/7. there are many similar assistants developed by companies by their hard work like Siri and Cortona which are created by Apple and Microsoft respectively. The new upcoming breakthrough is the IoT(Internet of Things) which is almost going to be used in all possible fields like Home Automation, Software development, and even Banks.

The Internet Of Things has made our life easy, as It reduces all human work and does it in a better way by automatic machines. Robots are directly linked to humans, as without humans there would be no robots because robots need to be programmed by humans. The Robots are by the humans and for humans. There are several other works that can be controlled by Automatic machines which reduces human effort. Let me tell you about the machines that would make your life easier.let me tell you about the machines that would make your life easier…

One of the main breakthrough that reduces human effort is HOME AUTOMATION. Home automation is the best way to improve the future technology at your doorstep. You could just do that by your mobile or the voice assistants available for you like the google home or the Amazon Alexa. Just imagine, you could control your switches and all your electronics from your mobile by being anywhere in the world,this is all true it all is allready proven as this technology is used in other countries it would come to India soon. Let me tell you about the upcoming breakthroughs in the world…

Some of the upcoming breakthroughs are :


.Artificial Intelligence.(AI)

.Self-Driving Cars.(solar , electric)


. Virtual Realit

3D Printer.

I  acknowledge the scientists ,Google and other companies for the efforts they are putting to make the world a better place with technology. There are several more upcoming projects which are currently being tested and can change the whole world. I would recommend the people.
      who are reading this blog to implement the technology and make yourselves comfortable with working hard and also smart !


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