Environment Is A Gift!!♻️?????

Author : Yamini Gupta

Good morning my dear friends!  My name is Yamini and today I am here with a really interesting topic. So does anyone know that when do we celebrate World environment day most of you don’t know it,so today’s topic is environment is a gift we celebrate World environment day on 5th June .A lot of us spend more than half of our lives destroying the beautiful environment gift to us by god but some of us on this very special day try to heal the environment but all these effort are not enough to heal our environment, environment is a place where all living organisms live together and maintain the ecosystem, the actual meaning of environment is “it’s a true giver it always gives but never takes” as environment gives us everything we need to survive. We all take it for granted and knowingly or unknowingly harm the environment we won’t understand it until the situation is to worse, to handle we all should wake up before it’s too late it’s not too late for all of us to help heal the environment we can protect our environment by

Stopping deforestation and going on with afforestation

Following the 3r’s that are reduce reuse and recycle 

Not wasting the natural resources on nature’s gift are rare and cannot be afforded by money. If the environment  is healed the results will be

global warming will decrease

the health of the people will become better

the animals would not anymore be extinct z

the ozone layer will stop  depleting

Environment is a precious gift not found anywhere else except Earth we all are the reason to this damage and we all should be the reason to prepare if we are too late hour succeeding generations will suffer the future is an hour hand God has given us this beautiful environment to enjoy but not to destroy so let’s all our hands and work together to protect environment by celebrating each and every day as World environment day thank you

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