Online Education From Our School During Lockdown!!!!??‍??‍??!!!!!

So as we all know that we all are facing a very critical problem a virus that has been spread all around the world!

 Covid-19 which is tacking the lives of people. And so our Indian government is tacking few steps to heal it like the (never ending) lockdown.

So I was sitting at home getting bored as everyone is, and suddenly I saw a circular saying that we will have online classes been held from tomorrow  then the next day at 9:00 a.m. we had our online classes been held by our school teachers, after each class we had quizzes been held and we all had a competition between us who would come first and like that till 15th of April we had 6th grade portions  been conducted but then after that we had 7th grade portions been conducted and that would help us a lot in our school days after the school reopens.

We have subject classes like Maths, English, Science, Hindi and we also have extra  activities classes like dance and PE, to make the day more fun our school added with a lot of optional classes like visual arts,best out  of waste,fabric drawings, paintings,origami and cube solving ect, if this is not enough our school also conducted classes, not only for us but also for parents there are classes like fitness sessions and yoga classes and dance classes Bollywood dance classes and a lot more ,this just made us feel like we were in school sitting with our friends and learning, our teachers were really helpful to teach us about the technology of this online classes and we also did not even have a feeling about that we were going through a very  big problem which was taking the life of people but it also is very difficult task for teachers as they have classes continuously throughout the day.

And that’s all for today and I will come with a new topic tomorrow!!!

Here are the thing I made in optional classes


I made this in best out of waste class we made it out of waste newspaper!?️?

I made this in fabric painting class we painted on our old white t-shirts!?

I made this in best out of waste class again we made a 3d art with waste cardboard!!

I lost it but these are the ones ma’am told us we could make

I made this in sangle art class we drew amazing patterns!!!⚛️

STAY HOME ???️!! STAY SAFE?️?⛑️!!

Halloween Is Here!???!! A glimpse of our marvelous future!!!???‍??!!!

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