Author: Yamini Gupta

SO, Hey everyone I am back with a topic, that all of you would have never thought about.

Yes, The topic is competitions. The competitions that are held by our school for us.

We have a lot of competitions held every year, and we put in a lot of effort into passing these exams with flying colors.

These are the competitions held every year

. Jr Ramanujan

. Lang. Quest

. Jr Einstien

. Street Play

. 2L Hindi Quest

. 3L Story Telling

. 3L French Poem Recitation

. Robo Fest

. Speakathon

. Dance Titans

. Inter Orchids Sports Competition

So, now you might be thinking what is the motive behind these competitions. Let me tell you!

These competitions are held to boost our logical thinking capacity, and also to enhance our problem-solving capabilities.

The students and teachers put in a lot of effort into these competitions the students are given practice before these exams so that they can pass with ease.

The teachers give tough questions but are easy when the logic is understood. They put in a lot of effort into making these questions and making study schedules for these exams.

You must have got the idea of how much effort is put into a single exam by both the student and the teacher. Everyone has a part in this so the exam goes smoothly.

Hats off to everyone!!


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