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Time is impotent, we have all heard. Time, like a grain of sand, slips out of our hands and we only keep gazing it hunting for the amazing tricks that will help us save time but they never help. The moments and opportunities we hold most, with time, just like the sand in the hourglass, skid away. We are then left with a thought that we want that one hour back.

Well, time machine, for some, is a key to skip back in time and undo their wrongs. It is, for few, a passport to fly back in the dearest moments of life and live them again. For astronomers folks, it’s a ticket to the future. And me? What would I be doing if I ever get my hands on the time machine?

Well, I for once, think of going back to the past when our ancestors lived in a world of fresh and pure air to inhale without fearing for their lungs to struggle with smoke. How lucky, were they to have the fresh and glistening water from the river so clear to reflect their face. No wonder our ancestors were much robust and healthy than our generation today.With no access to motor vehicles, speed trains, escalators, they were bound to lift their feet to move. Unlike today, they had plenty of trees to purify the air they breathed in, no chemical factories to corrupt nature with fumes and rivers with chemicals. They experienced a balanced atmosphere and moderate rainfall to witness the waving crops in the fields. The green fields filled the heart with joy and rejoice the mind.

But to unearth what’s ahead in life is a mystery to solve but whats bad me to peek into the hidden future. To discover what’s ahead, to find what the world would be like, to uncover if humans are more devilish or more matured. I would love to see what I am up to and how successful I am in the future.

Time is a mystery and meddling with it could result in severe consequences. No less than a boon it will be, to see what the world will advance to. But daring to play with it could result in the conclusion of the human race, in fact, the entire planet. It is fully justified to say that meddling with time can decimate the entire history of the ecosystem.Life and time are the best teachers a human will ever meet. And it is prudent to learn what it teaches us. Several attempts have been made to travel back and forth in time to change history and conquer humanity. But whenever humans took a step out of bounds, time made them realize their limits. They always realize they are wrong.

Time is a flower; for its beauty to be felt and fragrance to be experienced. Time always will be above all and playing with destiny is like putting ownself into the fire. Time-traveling might be possible in the future but history proves every attempt to be a failure.

If I Had A Time Machine... - Simon Says Marketing

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