Is Astrology Science?

Who doesn’t like to know about their future a beautiful imagination? It may be a beautiful adventure future or the darkest and darefull future. It is something that makes us excited and waits eagerly and so some people even made imagination of a machine that can take you through time and named it THE GREAT TIME MACHINE. Most people spend their whole life thinking of their future and not their present and doing this mistake and fail in their success i.e even after the success they will never be satisfied and this is my advice to you don’t do the same mistake.

do you know it’s not what it seems to be as everyone thinks its magic or god has given those special people some magical powers to know the future? But it is the same mistake old people did with thinking science as magic. but the later when they discovered theories they had got to know that it was supposed to be like that, and so is in astrology they just calculate the positions of stars and planets and our negative and positive thinking which are a part of our brain this is all science which everyone says is magic, so if there was no science there would be no one knowing your future so yes astrology is science.

As to me, all scientists can also calculate our future but they do not as they now that people will get to edicted to it and will stop making their future their self. As they are the ones who will make the world a better place.THE FAULT IS NOT IN OUR STARS BUT IN OURSELVES!!😊😊

Abstract scientific background

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