My Dream Came True!!🥳🙂🤩😊☺️😎

Paying attention to your dream stories and analyzing what they mean is a life-enhancing practice. Your dreams share amazing stories, and lessons happening in your day to day life. But what if they come true one day!!!!

Think! What if your favorite dream comes true! I know that it would be the best thing you would have ever thought! Everyone wants there dreams to come true and some people do come true and they feel they have completed their journey till the end !!!

So here I am with a dream I wish comes true!!! I have two big dreams one for me and one for the people!! 
I have two big dreams one for me and one for the people!!

And my dream is umm….. oh I just remembered it’s not only one but infinite a lot and never-ending, but here I am with only one of the infinite!!!

So let’s start !!!!! My dream starts on the border of making a new planet, that planet where there is no water no soil, and no human it will then start with a meteor shower for 1000 of years then knowing that the meteors had water in them everything comes to reality a new real-world with life trees plants soil water humans food and everything that is now except technology and pollution.

Why does the Earth have more water than land? - Quora

Yes, your guess was right I want to make a new planet solving all the problems of now.

I will add technology to it but with another technology that does not exist in this world but it is the most necessary. I will make the house’s in such a way that they can fit in as many families and are surrounded by trees for oxygen and eco-system balance. Then in a far place will be factories the top end from where the smoke is released which is the cause of the deadly infections will be connected to the other factory where smoke it turned into something useful like fertilizers
( I do not know if it is possible 😅🤔). There are enough fertilizers for plant growth. There will be no idea of plastic in this world only reusable cloth bags.

Notebooks and textbooks that are completed will be again used by putting them in the erase machine. And sheets of paper can be made again by making there paste and flattening them and below the⛅ sun. The peals of fruits and vegetables will be made into manures and used in the gardens. Harmful liquids will not be made that will be applied to fruits and vegetables to make them look shiny. And everyone will get an area where they can make there own garden according to their family size and this should be compulsory.

just with some mesures this world can be converted to my technical brain thinking!!!

This world will stay happy till the end it lives, exists and everyone will be happy to be in such a place to live.☺️😊🤩🥳🙂


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