Sun. Dec 19th, 2021
Experience at Medanta

This article talks about our experience at Medanata.

My father is suffering from eye infection, they have swelling in left eye. They visited from Hometown (Bathinda) to Gurgaon for second opinion. I heard from many persons about Medanta Hospital, Hence thought to have second opinion their.

I called up Medanta staff in the morning to book an appointment, i specifically request for retina specialist appointment, They booked the appointment at 3:45 PM, and confirmed me that Dr. Arun Sethi, is retina specialist.

I visited the doctor along with my parents in the evening to see the doctor. We filled the registration form, and submitted the same to reception of 2rd Floor, again i confirmed whether he is retina specialist, they confirmed me.

After initial diagnoses, we visited Doctor (Mr. Arun Sethi), he checked my father eyes and mention that they have blood in the eye and mention some tests. Along with that he asked us to get the clearance from General physician for Florescence Angiography.

We consulted General Physician,he requested some blood test. Same day in the evening we went to Test Lab for those tests, got the report next day. Next day is holiday, hence not able to meet the doctor, next to Next day when we went then General Doctor asked to get the clearance from Kidney Doctor as Kidney test is at par (1.5)

We visited the 12th Floor to get clearance, they asked to pay the consultation fee once again to get the clearance. We are blindly believing the doctor hence we paid the money and got the clearance from Kidney Doctor too.

After Clearance, we visited again to Dr. Arun Sethi, and he mentioned come tomorrow 9:30 AM and we will perform the OCT & FFA, which costs around 7000.

We paid all the money and reached hospital next day at 9:15 AM, then helper told us that they will be boarding us to another clinic via Ambulance. We waited for another 30 minutes After that we started from Medanta Hospital to Mr. Arun Sethi Personal clinic.

After visiting his clinic, we came to know, Mr. Arun Sethi & Reena Sethi are not retina specialists. They have another Doctor Mrs. Aparna Gupta (Visiting Doctor) which is really retina specialist. She mentioned that nothing will come in this tests mentioned by Doctor indirectly to Helper Doctor.

During that time i am not feeling good about Medanta, i thought for money these peoples are playing with patient’s life. Without having knowledge they requested for those tests that are not advisable.

I went to Vasan Eye Care for another Opinion and over their doctor mentioned that their is no point of performing these tests at this stage, as he is suffering from extreme swelling in internal eye. He advised to continue the same medicine and consult the retina Doctor (Mr. Zafar) ASAP.

Thanks to Doctor for giving expert advice..

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