A House On Moon

Author : Yamini Gupta

Oh, do you know yesterday my mind was running faster than the speed of light? When I jumped into my cozy bed after a very tiring and hard day, my hardworking ms. brain met ms. imagination on her way home and you know what when ms. brain and ms. imagination meet they talk endlessly until and unless all their energy is over doo you know that food gives us energy on the day I had so much energy that their talks could last a month so I had to skip my breakfast and lunch to make the tiered oof, so now why don’t we get to the point today my new topic is, THE HOUSE ON MOON !!.. Feels quite crazy right but brain and imagination were talking about it so thought to tell you…. so let’s start.

so it goes like this first a big house that is made out of a material called MacCallum which can not be broken or harmed as you know there are a lot of asteroids and meteors in space then I will divide the house into 5 floors each floor will have its gravitational sheet which will allow the people to walk on the ground like earth and there is no oxygen in space so the whole house will have never-ending oxygen cylinders. Then on the first floor will be the magnificent and brilliant entrance hall, on the second floor will be different kinds of rooms in which there will be different activities like football, basketball, swimming, and a lot more, and there would be a magic pencil room this pencil is not ordinary but it’s magical if you do not know about it then check out the link at the bottom. The third floor would be for rooms around 5 rooms in a house in case of guest and in case you want more than 4 people in one room the extra bedding space can be used and that will allow around 14-15 people in each room, each room will have an individual service robot who will clean your room and provide you with anything you want. The 4th floor gets the best restaurant prize where you will be given the most delicious food of all time and if you don’t wish to come up and want to have it in your room your robot to the service. The 5th floor, at last, is the observation coach where you can see the space and planets, and for sure why don’t we use technology something like invisibility mode, flying mode, spaceship model, and Doraemon pocket mode oh just joking not this one. Oh, I think it was only till here and then I went to sleep a nice and cozy sleep.

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