Fun things To Do While Stuck At Home

Fun things To Do While Stuck At Home

Fun things To Do While Stuck At Home

Author : Yamini Gupta

Bored at home? Don’t worry! Here are a few fun and entertaining things to do. Some of them are even productive so you won’t be wasting your time. I hope you enjoy it!

Art And Crafts

Now that you have so much time on your hands, why not pull out those markers you never used or use that scrap piece of fabric you’ve been saving?

Read A Book

Have you been putting off reading that one book you bought ages ago? Well now’s the time! audiobooks are great because you can do other activities while listening to the book.

Catch Up With Old And New Friends

Through the phone, of course. Facetime, Videocall or just call or text them. It’s so interesting to see how different they are now. Or you could also call your new friends. Group chats, group calls, zoom meetings are so much fun!

Movie Night With Family

It’s such a great bonding activity. If you don’t like either of those you can even do a craft night where everyone comes together and makes crafts.

Baking/ Cooking

It could turn out to be your secret talent. If you already bake, start trying to bake or cook without a recipe. You could develop your new favorite recipe!

Build A Blanket Fort

Collect all your blankets, sheets, and pillows because of its blanket fort time! They are cool and cozy. Movie marathons. dance parties, etc. are some things to do in a blanket fort.

Online Courses

The online classes taken by our school is a great help. You can take to improve or learn a new skill. A great way to pass time productively! Also, our school has introduced to some optional classes that include dance music artists and a lot more external activities not for only students but also parents!

Play board games

Playing these games can help increase your skills, and spend time with your family.

Watch a series

Series are a pretty long sequence of episodes now that the whole day is to you at home why don’t you open-prime video, Hotstar, Netflix,

youtube, and go throw and search for some good series or movies for example….Just add magic, Nico and the sward of light, Radhakrisn, Aron Stone, Gotimer Gibbon on normal street, and much more…

These are all the things I have for today. Stay tuned for the next blog and don’t hesitate to give me some suggestions and your own opinions too. Have a nice day

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