If I Could Choose When I Could Be Born

Author : Yamini Gupta

If God gave me a chance to choose in which year do I want to live my answer to that question will always and always be future cause I know whats the past but I do not know that what will happen after I die will the world end of will humanity end on earth or will new inventions save the earth we cannot say what exactly will happen but let’s see…

So here I go!!!

The time I select to be born would be 2595 oo that’s a lot of travel in time lets see what will happen next oo I am born in the future world I can understand everything I can talk to my parents they take me away and after an hour I come back to my house I am sitting in a solar+electric car I can see a microchip on my right hand I am able to walk talk understand do activities at the age of 1 day, wow technology has really gown, my house is full of electronic devices I touched my microchip on my hand, for a second I got a shock ow that actually hurt then I went on, my parents asked me whats photosynthesis me looking on their faces how could you ask a 1day-year-old kid a 4th graders question? suddenly I had a boost in my body I told the exact definition of photosynthesis how is it possible without knowing anything I know everything I guess there is something to do with the microchip then I was checking the different devices in my house, ant light-no more ants in your house, mini light-get to a smaller size in a second, transporter-get anywhere you want, and my parents had there phones projecting out from their hand, there was a robot a cute one I liked it a lot it took care of me took me anywhere I want to protect me like a true friend…

This trip was really fun….and it was fun knowing the future I will be back with another topic soon till the time bye bye !!


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