Author : Yamini Gupta

Once upon a time, there lived many animals on planet Frobia that place had all types of animals that you could Imagine there lived an animal species mesprians who leave purple smelly gas when they feel scared Fini was a small mesprian he lived with his dad they use to change their house every time to ensure they are safe so fini could not make many friends one day all the animals got to know that a hilarious flood which will destroy all the houses is going to come so all of them had a meeting one side carnivorous and another herbivorous. The king of the jungle the lion had told NOVA to make a strong big ship for all the animals. The LION Said “Hello herbivorous and carnivorous !! we have bad news our planet Frobia is going to encounter a huge flood that will spoil everything that you can see, now you see NOVA has made a big ship that can accommodate the flood and will protect us all well there are some rules, carnivorous cannot eat herbivorous, but only those who are there on the list” after this sentence everyone got tensed. Then slowly all the animals stood in a line they had made special sheets for animals on the list they had white paint through which the animals could sign unluckily mesprians were not on the list so they could not enter the ship but they made a plan of dressing up like animals in their list. verpolies were one carnivorous species they had seen and they were on the list and they dressed up as verpolies and entered the large ship their they meet more verpolies (Oh no problem going to arrive son ready to run!) but they got to know that they were not verpolies but they agreed to help them with a bad mood it was LIA and her mother LIA and FINI together got off the ship to see if the flood had come and to their surprise, it had it was huge frightening surprising, but they were not on the ship…… (AHHHHHH……)


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