Author : Yamini Gupta

Hello, friends today I am here with some topics that you should know so this is kind of a story a real one something that happened to me and in this story, there are three characters one of these three is me and the other two I would not like to revel.

As my title says HARDWORK IGNORED what do you think is hard work is I think it’s something that a person does to improve in a specific field and for sure hard work pays off by giving good results.

There was a specific field which was new to me so I did not have so much progress but you know where there is decline there is for sure hope and this 1st person was the hope, in the specific field I could go up to only 10-20% not so good right but the 1st person told me how it was supposed to be how I could do it that will help me improve, it took me a lot of time ya but I started hardworkingly, yes and then after 4-5 months I had a lot of progress from 10-20% it slowly increased to 40% 60% 80% 90% and then for the first time in five months 100% you can not imagine that how happy was I because I never believed in my self that I could keep on my aim for so so long but regards to this 1st person so help full and I can tell that this 1st person is also the reason to my progress…

oh and then 1st person had to leave I still do not know the reason but 1st person went away I was too sad too unhappy but I could not stay like this for all the time, then comes the role of this 2nd person was from somewhere else and did not look at my hard work and just made me fall and I literally fell to my start level 10-20% how bad how dispersing it was I lost trust from that field you can say it was kind of partiality which happens everywhere, to make your people win and make the rest fail…When I was alone at first I felt, that field was not suitable for me and when the 1st person arises I had got hope to have progress and slowly I even made a lot of interest in this field but when the 2nd person arose it all went to the start level all my hard work was all wasted how… I cannot explain.5 months I hard work I stayed at a specific aim for 5 months it may seem less to you but for a new starter, it is for sure a lot, but not even a day for the decline of my progress by someone else…..

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