Author : Yamini Gupta

Hello, friends do you know just before I was writing a blog I was thinking about the childhood memories they always help me be happy and always help me when I am sad they always in some way show me the right path, and whoosh I come over my problems.

So I am sure you would like to travel to the past and see my sweet silly and memorable memories.When I was of 7 months we shifted to Chennai. I lived there for around 4 years and those 4 years I can never forget so precious so loving so sweet and silly too. as I was from the age of 7 months living in south India I loved south Indian food but unfortunately, I was from the north and so my mom only made roti and subgi and some more delicious dishes of north, so when I had started going to play way my teacher always bought idli dosa my favorite and so she had a habit of reading the newspaper when she was having lunch so I used to sneak to her table and eat most of the lunch she knew that I was doing that but she always enjoyed my missives.

I sure have a lot more to tell you but I will keep those for the next time don’t forget to read my next blog, as it is the 2nd part of this,if you also have some memories please share them in the comments.


My Childhood Memories Part 2 IF I HAD AN ANYWHERE ELEVATOR

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My Childhood memory mmmmmmm……………….
i remember 1 thing that
one day i was sleeping in my bed and my mom kept pillows beside me so that i won’t fall down and my mom went to do her daily activities but i fell down and i did not wake up ! after falling down. and my mom could not see me because i was the other side of bed and she was worried then my father came and took me and made me sleep again
The other day when i used to sleep mom or dad should sleep with me.
lol XD

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