My Childhood Memories Part 2

Author : Yamini Gupta

Hello, friends do you know just before I was writing a blog I was thinking about the childhood memories they always help me be happy and always help me when I am sad they always in some way show me the right path, and whoosh I come over my problems.

So I am sure you would like to travel to the past and see my sweet silly and memorable memories.SURE I WILL TELL YOU BUT THIS IS PART 2 SO IF YOU WANT TO READ PART 1 THE LINK AT THE LAST !!So as I told that at the age of 7 months ii had shifted to Chennai and I had started going to the play way I always hated crying I never cried as I was a small kid till 5 months I would obviously cry as its something new and I need time to adjust but after 5 months I never cried I always stayed happy its possible that I cry when I get hurt but I never liked to cry as all the other kids i even hated to listen to crying students soo whenever i went to the playway all kids lloved to cry saying “mom mom mom” i did not like it at all so what i said was “We only come here for some time to play with our friends but then the rest whole day we stay with our mother father taking all their love so after this you will go home why dont you play here and enjoy” , and still if they cry i have no option either i play with the toys alone or with some teacher or else even i start crying “papa papa papa” what else could i do and when my mom came to pick up, my teacher told all the funny and cute things i do and then i get a nice hud from my teacher and a nice smile from my mom and have fun!!

I sure have a lot more to tell you but I will keep those for the next time don’t forget to read my next blog, as it is the 3ed part of this,

if you also have some memories please share them in the comments.


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