Author : Yamini Gupta


The one most unique invention that had the capability to change the world to a different world than anyone would have imagined was the WHEEL…

Reading and listening to different ancient stories was a little help it seems that the most valid one was, once a old ancient man was with his cattle transporting to another place and he saw many stone rocks shape of circles though they were not perfectly carved… he saw them roll down the Mountain and this brought him to a conclusion that the could help us in transportation because in that time the animals were used for transportation they did not have any wheels and so they got the idea of wheels then they slowly carved and shaped the wheels to have a better circular shape of the wheel that would help increase the speed, according to me all the inventions we have how have derived from the WHEEL the mathematicians had made shapes named them they got to know about the shape circle from the wheels, and the automobiles they also are made from the idea of the wheel…

Now if you really want to know how the wheels came into existence I will tell you.

I was going to school when I saw a dog takes my bottle and ran away I ran behind it to get my bottle running and running I reached into a deep forest but I saw someone that was a caveman I screamed it was like I reached the caveman-era so I calmed down and asked him how did you come here he showed his clothes he caught my hand and said toing toing and we reached another forest yes it was like traveling with magic, and the magic was in his clothes, but the doggie pulled the caveman’s clothes I gave him some leaves we had to catch the dog so there were a lot of sticks kept and the caveman made a car kind of thing but without wheels, so I told him about the wheels and we added it and it became like a new nice car and then we caught the dog, and I got to know that the dog wanted the bone, not the clothes so I gave the dog the bone, and I gave the caveman the dress and a pin and then he went back to his era and then told all his friends and family about the wheels this is how wheels were invented by me…



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