Author : Yamini Gupta

Jebruno was a driver. He had just dropped a space explorer scientist Susan who had to explain about the miraculous mysteries in space like the one that had just come down a few days ago a huge space ship that had crashed into our planet though it had been rapped up and taken to a place away from human eye’s. Susan had invited Jebruno to come for the explanation because only 2 seats are filled out of 100. Then Jebrono returned home and as always had food and slept. The next morning two children entered Jebrono’s car and said take us to 37.2343 Longitude 115.8067 Lattitude Jebruno said “do you think I am crazy if you know the place’s name tell or get off” take us here they showed us on the GPS… Jebruno said, “How much will you give??” the kids showed 10 bundles of $50,00,000 … Jebrono had no words to say and thought ok let’s see Jebrono then was taking them to their destination they reached this big empty road that takes them out of the town suddenly 2 big racer cars that had weapons inserted appeared the person sitting in the car said “Jebruno we know there are two kids in your car and they don’t belong to the place so give them to us and we will give you money for the loan,” Jebruno thought and said, ” No! My passengers my safety”. The man said “OK, as you wish” it gave their car huge shocks that spoilt their car but they managed to leave them behind Jebruno stopped and said who are you they said we are twins we have special powers my name is LIA and this is my brother JAKE we are here to save our planet it is running out of argon the only gas that helps us live and our ancestors had made an instrument that could come over any problem our parents found out that the instrument is on earth by their researches, but our general arrested them because he wanted to give the cure so that he could be more superior in our people and so we are here to find that instrument and complete our parent’s mission……


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