Author : Yamini Gupta

Jebruno had finally believed that the twins were aliens, then he asked unusual questions and they took off to their destination they found the instrument but they found another surprise the dangerous general’s robot they managed to get out of that place but the robot was chasing them and attacking as well and then he suddenly disappeared …

A UFO then rose from the front they shouted ” ahhhhhhh…..”. It was the robot and he again started firing of then Jebruno reversed the car and drove it like he was driving a race car then they found a train tunnel and went into it thinking that it would be dark and could help them hide from the robot but indeed the robot technology was to its peak they could scan the trace of heat objects. Jebruno saw a big light coming their way, they got scared the only thing that came to their mind was that the train is coming and it will kill them but it had turned out to be the robot they manage to hide and the robot thinking no noise no breathing noise they are not here and he left they were lucky enough they reached a small town nearby there they gave their car for service and went to a restaurant to have some entertainment, rest, and food, so they were sitting and Jebruno got a call from an unknown number, he answered the call, ” Hello Jebruno!! I am the head of the secret research station the two twins sitting with you are not humans you can give them to us and you can take the money that will help you rest of your life, and ya we are standing just outside the restaurant you are sitting in if you say no or try to trick us you will be the reason for everyone’s death here ” Jebruno in a confused state of mind said ” YES”. I know that was a complete cheat but Jebruno had a plan they came in and searched for them but the waitress had saved them by showing them the emergency door that will lead them to the exit they went and picked up their car all new and clean Jebruno was really happy they headed back to their city to find Dr. Susan
…(Do you remember the girl that was a space scientist andJebruno dropped her to the spae exhibition )They thought that she would know something about their spaceship… they reached the exhibition they went in, to their surprise everyone was dressed up like space movie characters and the robot entered but no one got to know thinking that he was a human dressed up there was an activity going on and the robot entered the stage and started firing on the other side the head of the secret research station and his team came in to find the twins they had now got to know that they were being found by the robot and the head of the secret research station’s team they were running here and there finding Susan then they got an idea …..


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