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2) How will Maharashtra RERA Rules give authorized authority to the builders to dominate, intimidate & victimize the flat consumers? Just think about, how this information about Kumar Builders’ past tasks would have been valuable to the flat consumers! 2. More info sharing might be accomplished electronically than in person, especially with regard to transactions in progress. Whereas, the RERA Rules of Union Territory calls for greater than the listing of tasks. Still, I found CBRE Prop Fair extra pleasant than the last property exhibition. The ‘Application for Registration of Project’ – 1 – VI – on the Page 23 of Maharashtra RERA Rules – solely calls for the listing of completed or under development initiatives within the last 5 years. Maharashtra RERA Rules not only protect the builders however their real property brokers too! In his 18 minutes Marathi Youtube Video Mr. Vijay Kumbhar, RTI Activist, claims that instead of defending flat consumers, Maharashtra RERA Rules give legal authority to the builders to dominate, intimidate & victimize the flat buyers.

Marketing Communication in Digital Age: presentation for BBDO Moscow Digital Wordshop In short, instead of eradicating unfair, unlawful & exploitative present enterprise practices of the builders, Maharashtra RERA Rules give authorized status to dominate, intimidate & victimize the flat buyers! This exhibits that Maharashtra RERA Rules usually are not for the safety of the flat patrons however for the protection of the builders. Most of the patrons who’ve booked the flats in Kumar Builders’ KUL Ecoloch & KUL Nation have instructed me that they didn’t know that Kumar Builders & Kumar Properties are two completely different firms! Any analysis outcome on Kul Nation ? Mr. Kumbhar has come to this conclusion after learning Maharashtra RERA Rules, the unique Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 of Central Government of India, and the foundations of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) established within the Union Territories. In truth, if Maharastra RERA Rules are passed as it is, the actual property brokers are going to get a license to cheat the flat patrons in Maharashtra!

Rules of Union Territories – don’t give any such license to the true property brokers. In accordance with above RERA Rules for Union Territories, whereas filing a complaint in opposition to the builder, a flat purchaser has to pay a charge of 1,000 rupees solely. By eliminating the above clause about Discrimination current in Union Territory RERA, Maharashtra Government has proved the builders are the actual authors of the RERA Rules. You may share the above hyperlink along with your classmates. Buying a luxury villa in the same could be a matter of proud for the proprietor. 1) Where any real estate agent who has been granted registration certificate number commits breach of any phrases and conditions specified underneath these rules or regulations made thereunder, or the place the Authority is satisfied that such registration has been secured by the real estate agent by means of misrepresentation or fraud, the Authority could, without prejudice to every other provisions underneath the Act, either suo-moto or on an software or complaint from the promoter or allottee or revoke the registration or suspend the same for such interval as the Authority thinks fit and inform all of the promoters: Provided that, no such revocation or suspension of registration shall be made by the Authority until an opportunity of being heard has been given to the real estate agent.


2) Where the Authority revokes the registration it shall intimate about the identical to the involved real estate agent in Form ‘I’: Provided that, on the revocation of the registration by the Authority of any real estate agent; recent application for grant of registration cannot be made once more inside a period of six months by such real estate agent. The Regulatory Authority might, because of reasons specified below sub-section (7) of section 9, revoke the registration granted to the real estate agent or renewal thereof, because the case may be, and intimate the real estate agent of such revocation as per Form ‘I’. If the candidate needs to affix the actual estate business as a salesperson, he/she must submit his/her salesperson’s registration application through a licensed estate agent within 2 years from the month of the examination which he/she sat for and handed, thầu xây dựng failing which the examination outcomes will no longer be valid for salesperson registration purposes. This article was created with Công ty xây dựng.

Mr. Kumbhar feels that the builder lobby should have written these RERA Rules & Maharashtra Government may have just published them. Your children shall be proud of you for elevating objections towards Maharashtra RERA Rules. If handed as it’s, Maharashtra RERA Rules will legalize the builder’s passion for discrimination! This omission in Maharashtra RERA Rules proves that the real intention of Maharashtra RERA is to present legal authority to the builders to dominate, intimidate & victimize the flat patrons in Maharashtra! Because, even after RERA, the flat patrons in Maharashtra are usually not going to get the whole observe record of the builder – complete information in regards to the builder’s previous tasks. You may even miss a very good alternative. Even after RERA, the builders can take the flat patrons for a ride! 1) The flat consumers would have realized that Kumar Builders & Kumar Properties are two different construction companies. Provided your price range can handle proudly owning Pre construction condos, there are numerous benefits that may accompany your buy. 1) Any aggrieved particular person, having interest within the venture, could file a complaint with the regulatory authority for any violation under the Act or the foundations and rules made thereunder, save as those provided to be adjudicated by the adjudicating officer, as per Form ‘L’ which shall be accompanied by a fee of rupees Ten Thousand within the form of a demand draft drawn on a nationalized financial institution in favour of regulatory authority and payable at the principle branch of that financial institution on the station where the seat of the mentioned regulatory authority is situated.

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