The Deep Space Secrets..! Part-1

The Deep Space Secrets..! Part-1

Ok so this was kinda weird and not expected of course for something to happen in the future so we got to know that marvel studios were hiding a bigg.. secret the movies that it made were real happenings and they did not tell it to the world but we found it out me and my team the best scientist team in the world had a secret mission for which we had to fly in the space like astronauts now anyways we have not got the title the best scientist team in the world just like that we were all the most hard-working and multitasking team in the world and also we learned all the occupations in the field of science engineering, doctors, astronomer, and a scientist of course and even more… and some personal things as well now ill tell you the whole story little by little…

So we had got to know that a 10 people crew had crossed the Milkyway galaxy and now had reached far into the universe but in the middle, their connection got lost this thing happened around a decade ago and the space team had ignored it now that they told this to us we all started screaming at them that how could they hide such a thing they were playing on there lives and you left them to die out somewhere in the vast universe but then they said that we knew that something like this would happen and so we made a small instrument that will help in such a situation a small robot equiped with all the things nessesary to live and it also had a signal connecter through which they could have contacted us but they did not and in that case, we considered them dead but just 3 days ago we had got a video fottage that showed all them alive and so we had to go to help them… now after somedays, we were in our space ship about to cross uranus because of it being so much far from the sun there was no energy and so our brains had gone into hybernation we were not in the condition to continue the mission but then the space team told that just some more days and we will be fine after going past the milkyway galaxy but it would take time and finnaly yes we were away from our milkyway galaxy we were better now… now our mission to find the 10 people crew…


Author : Yamini Gupta

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