Three virus cases in Tasmania quarantine

The administration also made it harder for Cubans to visit family in Florida by reducing its Havana embassy to skeletal staffing and shutting down the consular section in the wake of mysterious illnesses among its diplomats.

Those from Basra — signed by sheikhs, university students and even fishmongers — featured the port city’s emblematic new bridge across the Shatt al-Arab waterway with Santa and his reindeer flying

WASHINGTON, Nov 18 (Reuters) – The U.S.

Transportation Department said on Wednesday it is denying exemptions for two charter flight companies to deliver humanitarian cargo to Cuba, the latest crackdown by the Trump administration.

On foot, members of Iraq’s Tahawer (Dialogue) initiative and other volunteers delivered some 1,400 cards across the northern town, which was ravaged by jihadist rule after the Islamic State group advanced east across the Nineveh Plain

Typically, airlines use containers with cooling materials such as dry ice to transport pharmaceutical products, but some don’t have temperature controls, making products prone to unforeseen events such as flight delays.

The flights simulate the conditions required for the vaccine to stress test the thermal packaging and operational handling process that will ensure it remains stable. website The trial flights come as airlines scramble to prepare ultra-cold shipping and storage facilities to transport COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna, whose doses require deep freezing and are likely to be among the first to be distributed.

United Airlines has begun moving shipments of the vaccine, developed by Pfizer Inc, on charter bus flights to ensure it can be quickly distributed once it is approved, Reuters reported last week, citing a source.

operator, Skyway, argued the flights should be permitted to address coronavirus pandemic impacts, including significant shortages of food and medical supplies for charter bus Cubans, leading residents to grow their own food and shop at government-run stores with exorbitant prices.

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