What We Know About Dunlop Golf Clubs

It is probably an important aspect to note that Dunlop has been a world leading manufacturer of sports equipment since 1907.

As a worldwide popular choice, Dunlop has obtained a reputation for the innovative development of great golf products attracting amateurs as well as professional golfers like Seve Ballesteros, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson and John Daly, who had a club named after him. Dunlop continues a tradition for creating top quality and top performing golf equipment now into the 21st century.

Popular Models Deliver Inexpensive Quality

The DDH golf club set is a popular choice, especially for beginners.

It is reasonably priced providing great quality of performance making this a real bargain choice. The clubs possesses less loft than other models allowing beginning golfers the opportunity to hit the ball farther. This is an important feature since a hitter gains greater length using less effort.

There are the “John Daly named” clubs like the JD Tour driver.

This club differs from other “Tour” models such as the Tour Gold or Tour Max. Its forged technology presents a great deal of stability and an enhanced amount of “forgiveness.” Its graphite shaft construction is noted to produce longer strikes that travel straighter.

Plus, it is exceptionally priced at a moderate cost around $45-50 depending on where it is bought. This makes for a great buy for someone seeking an inexpensive driver that delivers high-quality performance

The ladies need not be left out when it comes to obtaining Dunlop quality to bring a game to the next level of play.

Whether beginner or avid player, the Dunlop model Avega is a great choice for women golf set with bag (https://frishay.com/shop/new-womens-4-star-golf-clubs-honma-s-06-clubs-complete-sets-golf-set-drive-fairway-wood-irons-putter-graphite-shaft-and-bag/). The Avega provides a softer feel producing maximum distance as a high-lofted forged driver. It is considered quite forgiving due to a large head propelled by a light shaft.

The club does adjust for certain swing errors, thus making it a great choice for people in the learning stages of the game. Yet, as forgiving as the club is, advanced players will take delight also when that errant shot does not necessarily run out-of-bounds.

The club lightness allows women of all strengths to easily produce effective swings making the game much more enjoyable.

Try the Set – Dunlop offers a 15-piece set – Ladies Vista – that is specifically engineered to a woman’s frame and height making it a great choice for the ladies.

The set features a 450cc 10-degree driver made from titanium that has been described as incredibly forgiving.

This set is perfect for the money-conscious consumer or beginner since it can be found readily online for around $180. However, a little more net surfing may produce greater savings since many suppliers tend to carry this popular ladies set and will definitely price it competitively to attract your business.

Dunlop remains a well-respected name in the world of sports equipment manufacturing so an Internet search using “Dunlop Golf Clubs” will produce a variety of choice that will save you money and time when looking for your next purchase.

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