Sun. Dec 19th, 2021
uni card vs slice card

Uni Card & Slice Card are the Prepaid Card, issued by RBL Bank.

Uni Card

The card allows you to divide your dues into three equal parts and pay over three months, at no extra cost. Earn 1% cash-back, if you pay amount in full.

Source: Money Control

Slice Card

Enjoy upto 2% cash-back on every transaction. Shop anywhere and slice all your bills over 3 months without any extra charges.

Source: Slice Website

Uni Card Vs Slice Card

Ease of enrolment

Metric: How easy is the enrolment. Both uni cards & Slice cards are app based model. How much time it took to provide the details? How easy is to provide the details.?Whether proper support is present during enrolment? Whether all mobile / OS are supported?

Verdict : Slice take the lead, as time taken to provide details on slice app took lesser time them Uni. Slice app works mostly on all mobile devices across different operating systems, whereas Uni is not supporting across all devices, But the customer support is fast & quick turnaround to provide insights.

Credit Limit

Metric: How Much is the Credit limit. It refers to the maximum amount of credit a financial institution extends to a client. A lending institution extends a credit limit on a credit card or a line of credit. Lenders usually set credit limits based on the information given by the credit-seeking applicant.

Verdict : Slice take the lead, as limit provided is roughly 4 times then the Uni Cards.

Ease of Use

Metric: How easy is to use the card. Whether it’s accepted offline? Whether it’s accepted online? How fast is the response time during payment?

Verdict : Slice take the lead, as Uni cards are not supported on the online store like (Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM). Response time for both the cards are nearly same.

Few other points

Slice cards

  • Transaction took close to 1 minute to reflect in app
  • Supports the Cash Transfer to personal bank account.
  • Only email is provided at back of card.
  • Repayment is chargeable if not paid by UPI
  • Supports handful of coupon

Uni cards

  • Providing 3 months Zomato pro subscription
  • Transaction will reflect in Uni app immediately after payment
  • Transaction amount is equally throttled into 3 billing cycles, automatically.
  • Customer service is really cool
  • Customer care number is present on Cards

Disclaimer: This is my unbiased comparison between the Uni card and Slice card after using them.

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