Thu. Jul 14th, 2022

Joined Cognizant to gain experience on Service side platform, as heard from many people that to work with service based company is not an easy task. I joined in Project (one of the Top 5 Client). I analysed many things within few days of joining:-

  • There is no concept of Work Life Balance
  • Work Atmosphere is not employee Friendly
  • Man power has lack of Technicality
  • Favouritism
  • Professional Meetings Language
  • Rewards & Recognitions

Work Life Balance:-
No one knows about work life balance, if you ask them, they will respond, what is it? At Cognizant, work will start around 8:30 AM. People have to stay in the office till 10:00 PM. Their manager still expect you to stay little bit more.

As per my wife “ A person who is coming late on regular basis after 10:00 PM is a CTS employee”.

One main part, they will not pay any overtime pay for working late night, early morning.

Work Atmosphere:-
Associates those are not comfortable in working with current project, Management will not give them any release, and either they will work or not.

And total pressure will come to one level. Now these members will spoil the life of whole team.

Agree, associates have to work on the documentations also, hence they have less than 1/3 years of experience w.r.t product based companies. Example a member working in CTS for past 6 years, his experience with respect to me, is equivalent to member in some product base companies of experience equivalent to 2 Year to 3 Years. No doubt, there are some unexpected people who perform really well.

Favoritism / Partiality:-
Don’t assume this concept is not there in corporate world. I feel its present in CTS. Imagine who all are at Top level positions.
no Idea,

Professional Meetings:-
All meetings will happen in Tamil language, if you are not aware of Tamil language then they will expect you to learn tamil language, instead of having the meeting conversation in English language.

Rewards & Recognitions:-
Imagine, who will get the rewards, a member who can have one of the following attributes:-

  • Creating more defects
  • Non – productive member
  • Favouritism
  • Passive member

Imagine how a senior member in the team will survive. He has the responsibility of guiding the team, along with them mentoring them on Technical as well as professional front. Ratio is nearly 2 fresher, 1 senior, 1 lead.

Above mentioned pointer are based out of my experience with CTS, might be others have some different opinion. But what I feel I have published it over here.

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