Thu. Jul 14th, 2022
Urban Company

This article is about Feedback for Urban clap. We have bought the apartment in Bangalore ~4 years back. Builder has provided the standard paint inside the flat. Personally we don\’t like the paint, but has no options to go for repainting. It will be very difficult & cumbersome for anyone to go for re-painting, as it comes with Dust in your home for next couple of days, minimum a week.

As colors are fading in our flat, we have decided to go with re-painting. Parents has also boosted our confidence. Now the next question comes, how?

Inquired from couple of friends, few mentioned go with Asian Paints, other shared for Burger Paints, and few mentioned try with Urban Clap.

Now let me share my experience with all these 3 different type of vendors

Asian Paints

Person seems to be professional, having good information about the painting services. He shared us quotation of one amount, which we have negotiated to good amount which we both agreed. Now next turn is to select the color, we wife helped in selecting all the colors for rooms, kitchen, Dinning Area & Drawing Room. We asked them to start the painting services starting next sunday. But something hit next day to us.

Burger Paints

This guy also seems to be professional, also having good painting information. He shared the standard quotation, which is roughly 70% of the price quoted by Asian Paints, it triggered something, that all paints are same, so cancel the Asian paint and go with Burger. On the same Day Urban clap guy is also coming, hence we asked him that we will confirm the deal by end of today.

Urban Clap

This guy looks smart, but not professional, he has made lot of commitment, but always mentioned trust on his words. His price is roughly 60% of the price quoted by the Burger paints, and he mentioned that Burger Paints are not, as they have some complaints, hence we should go with Asian Paints.

As price is less and person seems to be trust worthy, hence we thought that we can go with Urban clap, But one question we always have why are you providing this service at pretty cheaper cost, and he reverted that company needs customers, hence company is giving good discounts.

We finalized with Urban clap and given him the token money. Painter is assigned for the service. His name is A K Painting Touch.

After 3 days when person came, he came with local covering which we don\’t like and asked him to change the covering which he has changed it. Now Real game started. They started doing the sanding.

My Feedback for Urban clap painting is not positive, share your experience here


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