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Myself Nitin Gupta, Landed at Chennai on 28th Mar, 2009. From there, I took local train to reach to Tambaram Station. Reason for coming to Chennai, is to work with one of the biggest Payment player named PayPal.

I worked with PayPal for close to 3 Years. During this time I worked in various critical projects, I would not like to disclose those over here, but those are really challenging and I will be awarded each time during and after the completion of project. I Received various award those include the shining Star, PayPalian’09 and many more. Back on personal aspect, faced some initial hick during our stay, as mention below:-

1.   Language Problem

…………….Water (Tani)
– Milk (Paal)
– Curd (Tayeer)
– Kitchen Garbage (Kupa)
– House (veed)

Above mentioned list, not includes the consolidated once, but a major one which one should know before coming to Chennai. We faced a lot of issues during initial days, but we settled easily as people are cooperative, very much cooperative. Based on feelings / symbols without knowing the language, we talk to each other for long and longer time duration.

2.   Search for an appropriate Home

When I started searching home, I have few requirements:-

Silent (noise free)
Pollution Free
Hindi Speaking People nearby

Checked with many property dealers, but the home they shown to us is not good. Just assume, how we searched the home:-

–          We look at the door during our home search walk, whether some poster are hanging or not, not sure what’s mentioned on that. If we find out then we press the ring and check with the landlord, in few cases they are saying this is not for rent (Language Problem), it has some other things mentioned on the board.

–          Special Requirements

Pure Vegetarian

South Indian Brahmin only

And …….


–          Rent

It varies from Rs.5,000/- till Rs. 20,000/-

–          Advance

5 Months Rent

But, we are the lucky one figured out the home at much cheaper rent, in good locality, which I imagined. Mine landlord along with his family knows Hindi Well. And my wife she spends a good time during my office duration.

3.   Search for a School

Once my daughter reached 1 year, we planned to put her in some play school so that she can play with some children. During that time, we put her in Vidhyarthi Play School, nearby; she happily went there for half a year, Teachers over there are also happy with her attitude.

Finally we admitted her in “ Roots to Wings” that later changed to “Little Millenium” . She is pretty much happy with school teacher “ Gayatari”, my Daughter follow each and every word of her. Next year during her LKG, old teachers got transferred; initially she is not happy with the new teacher and named her and “ Choti Madam” .  We are also not happy with her due to her activeness.

4.   Purchase of Goods from Local Market

5.   Specific Vegetables

6.   Different Customs

My Daughter, Yamini Gupta, she is only 6 months old when she came to Chennai. Early mornings we both go for a morning walk same time to get the milk from Milk Booth; my circle started increasing day by day due to my daughter.

Everyone wants to chat with Yamini; she got lot & lots of love from here. People, whom we don’t know, don’t hesitate to talk to us. Some day if she is not coming with me, then they ask me “ How is Yamini, is she fine?” Seriously I respect the people out here from mine heart.

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