Sat. Jul 16th, 2022
Medical Emergency

Is Handle Medical Emergency easy?

Entire world has gone through the pandemic from last 2 years, and still going on. When Covid hits during early 2019, everyone is skeptical about it, as there are no medication, no treatment.

Our Team, has spoken to one of the Doctor from Medanta, he mentioned to use during that time, everyone is doing the Hit & try approach, Basically they are experimenting with Patients. It looks wired, but they does not have any other option.

Think about situation, you landed on island, Then for survival you will perform experimentation on yourself

What is Medical Emergency?

A medical emergency is an acute injury or illness that poses an immediate risk to a person’s life or long-term health, sometimes referred to as a situation risking “life or limb”. These emergencies may require assistance from another, qualified person.

In simple words – Where we require support from Doctor.

Any response to an emergency medical situation will depend strongly on the situation, the patient involved, and availability of resources to help them. It will also vary depending on whether the emergency occurs whilst in hospital under medical care, or outside medical care (for instance, in the street or alone at home).

Few Emergency has finite expense, whereas others has not well defined expenses.

Patient’s close relative thoughtprocess

You might disagree with us that but we are sharing inputs based on research done on multiple hospital patients ranging from Low earning group to the high earning group. Here are the few viewpoints those came out pretty clearly.

  1. Visit the Hospital as soon as possible
  2. Finding the right hospital
  3. Finding the source of expenditure {Specifically Low earning group, Businessman & few mid earning group}
  4. Not comfortable with Medical jargons
  5. Getting lost in the World

How to handle Medical Emergency with Ease

Now the bigger question is how to handle any medial emergency with ease. As we have identified the thought process of patient’s close relatives, Hence it’s easy to solve them, In this article we will focus on point 3, Source of expenditure.

In today’s world Medical expenditure costs from 10 thousand to 50 Lacs, and it might not be pocket friendly for everyone in any country. But there is one way to make this expenditure a pocket friendly for everyone.

Yes you heard it rightly, Medical Insurance is one such asset that helps in coping up with this risk, and helping you during emergency. There are basically two types of Medical insurance, One is Base whereas second is Top-up.

The premium varies from 4,000 to 12,000 a year for age varying from 18 years to 64 years. For more details about Medical policy do reach out to us at +91-7411211811.

With this approach you will be able to Handle Medical Emergency with ease:)

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