Fri. Dec 17th, 2021
MotherHood Hospital

Motherhood Hospital is one of the famous hospitals at Bangalore.

My wife has fibroid. Fibroid size is little bigger. Fibroid is around 12 CM, hence our Doctor has suggested for open myomectomy, instead of laparoscopy, as changes of organ damage is high, along with other complication due to fibroid size.

Doctor has suggested to get this surgery either in Motherhood hospital or Apollo cradle. We visited both the hospitals. Here is the quick review of the hospitals.

 Apollo CradleKormangalaMotherhoodSarjapura
Building structureGround floor has most of the OPD, First & second floor has rooms, Third floor has Operation theatreGround floor is walkway, Most of the OPD is performed on First floor, Second & third floor has rooms, Fourth floor has Operation Theatre
Hygiene & cleanlinessGround & First Floor are clean and looks good, whereas second & third floor are not in good condition when we have visitedGround, First, Second & third floor are clean, whereas Fourth floor is not clean from outside.
Car ParkingDoes not have the proper car parking, You need to figure out the parking in close vicinityHas Wallet Parking, but not covered. Parking charges are ~500 for 3 days. This looks to be on higher side

Motherhood Hospital is one of the reputed hospital in Bangalore. Considering above factors, we have finalised hospital for surgery. Here is our experience for the surgery.

Experience 1: Not a welcome experience, Lack of co-ordination.

We have informed the Hospital earlier that we are coming on Sunday at 5 PM, and the team has confirmed the same.

We reached the hospital as planned, and went to reception for getting the further details, but were surprised to hear that staff is not aware of the procedure. Then we consulted the guy, who confirmed the booking, He requested us to go to 4th Floor, get the Admission form, and then visit the Second floor for billing & other documents. The whole process took 1 hour of my precious time, which I felt bad, as I have shared all these details offline.

This leads to first negative review for Motherhood Hospital at Sarjapura road.

Time is precious for everyone, the team should look for welcome procedures, where customers can provide the details online and then post reaching the hospital, staff will provide the room number, and all other consultation should be done within the room, instead of patient roaming.

Experience 2: Nursing staff

Room has been allocated to us on the second floor, and nursing staff here helped on each and every aspect. No complaints here, This is one of the most important aspects, that everyone looks post-surgery.

Experience 3: Lack of Matured & Trained OT Staff

My wife has shifted to OT in the morning, They have shifted her first to the recovery room, then some doctor has asked staff to move her to OT. The OT Staff has left her in the pathway, not expected from one of the re-own hospitals. All required instruments are not available in the OT, which my wife heard from the Doctor during surgery.

Heights of unprofessionalism started now, my wife has shifted from OT to recovery room, and is shivering a lot, She told staff about the shivering, but staff response is not acceptable. She has just a white sheet on top of her. Then one doctor shouted to the staff, why they are not giving Rajai to my wife. She is still shivering, then staff still have not reacted, then the doctor asked to put the blower, that has given relief to my wife.

Net of the story, not sure who has the fault, but the patient has suffered. Everyone knows patients will feel shivering post-surgery, then for whom they are waiting for the required action.

She stayed in ICU for 6 hours now time comes to shift her to Room. Another horrible experience, They have to move my wife from one bed to the second bed, and the staff has moved her without any care. She felt a lot of pain and cried there, the staff mentioned they will put one more pain killer.

The staff behaviour is not acceptable, second why to change the bed, move the same bed what’s the problem.

Experience 4: Lack of Facilities

Welcome kit is present in the bathroom, it contains shampoo, conditioner, brush, comb, Toothpaste. Adding a pair of sleepers can complete the kit.

  • Water Dispenser:-
    • Cold water is coming from regular
    • Steel glass are there instead of disposable
  • Entertainment
    • TV remote is not there
    • TV has only free channels
    • Internet – Earlier it does not worked, but later after couple of follow up it worked, But speed is slower than 2G I believe.
  • Others
    • Microwave present without glass plate

Review of Motherhood hospital is built over the time, and it will be difficult for us to recommend anyone to Motherhood hospital for there surgery.

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