Fri. Dec 17th, 2021

when i was sitting at home getting bored. my imaginative brain started to think what if i had a pencil through which i draw anything and it would turn out into reality!! and i would name this imaginary ✏️ as magic pencil!!

so l am here to tell you that what would i make at first if i had a magic pencil???

if i had this imaginary pencil which is created by my imaginative brain !! i would make a very very very big mansion even which has 40 floors. then on the first floor, i will make the entrance which will be big and grand!!! then i will create an elevator which does not go to floors but o rooms like the one shown in charli and the chocolate factory. then on the second floor, there would be a big shop for stationary and till the 37th floor there would be different shops on each floor and they will be huge. on the -1 floor, there would be 50 cars and 50 bikes.

around my mansion, there would be a huge garden that would be filled with all the types of fruits and vegetables. i would make robots ?, who would water the plants, be the shopkeepers, and could also be the dj person. for the 38th and 39th floor, they would be made of glass and so we could see all around, on these floors would be bedrooms for my family and me and also for guest. the 40th floor will be the observation room this would also be made of glass over here we could do our work as the breeze would be fresh and cold. in front of the mansion, there would be a beach. on the terrace, there would be a big party hall with dj, a golf ground, a horse riding ground, badminton ground, basketball ground, football ground, playground, and all the grounds we could have fun on. on the other side of the terrace there would be a helicopter landing and also an airplane landing on the basement, i would have 30 airplanes, 30 helicopters, 30 jets.

i know that this is all my imagination but if it was true then it would be amazing, and do let me know what is your imagination!!!

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