Tue. Jan 4th, 2022
Is Google the death of libraries?

A library could show you everything if you knew where to look. —Pat Conroy

Is Google the death of libraries?

Well if not today then sure in the near future it will be.

Going to libraries is a hectic task when we can sit at home and scroll through our electronic devices to find the particular piece of information we need.

It has become a necessity for us to get the fastest access to information in its best possible way, which is provided to us by Google and other search engines.

This is the reason why people have stopped visiting the library and stated them to be futile, why you ask just because, now they can get the answers to their questions within seconds on their fingertips.

Libraries are always beneficial, just that now money is equal to time, and none of us can afford to spend so much time researching for a piece of particular information.

Now let’s explore on these points

  1. Explore
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Networking

While searching for desired book, during the path way, one will explore additional books, those will help in attaining additional information. Let’s visit the more supermarket, to grab some uncle chips, do you know where is it placed? No, then what will you do next, Exploration !

All books in the library are trustworthy, do you do not have to worry on the info you rely on, therefore you can rely on the information 1st hand. Could we rely on the info or Contents on Google ?

When we visit the library we meet a lot of people you are interested in the topic we are searching for, so they share their information with us and we do as well, this improves the social circle we are a part of, while on the internet just seeing their photoes or their texts does not give a complete view of them.

Exploration, networking, and trustworthyness, are the points that differentiate a library from Google and other search engines.

I would conclude by saying, do not forget all that is on the web has come from books that were in the libraries, these books carry with them important and precious information about our past.

You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have—arm yourselves! —Russell T. Davies

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