Thu. Jul 14th, 2022

Recently i have visited Brindavan garden, Mysore. This garden is famous for musical fountain.

If you have visited there, then one quick question for you? Is Musical fountain an idea of blending business with Technology, or blending technology with Business?

Let’s understanding these 2 terms better

  • Blending business with Technology” (#1), When an organisation find themselves with a problem. Where the answer lies with some sort of Technology. This solution is referred as Blending business with Technology or Business Driven Technology (BDT). In simple terms, where technical solution already exists and business leverage for end usage.
  • Blending technology with Business” (#2), When a technology / tool is developed through research/experimentation. Now, this new solution / Technology / tool, will drive the creation of business. This approach is referred as Blending technology with Business or Technology Driven Business (TDB). In simple terms, when new Technical solution is developed and company leverage that solution for their customers.

Let’s take few examples to understand better

  1. Existence of — The company started business with a vision of connecting the Tenants with Owners, that can lead to savings of brokerage charges, that varies from 1-5%, that Owner / Tenant has to pay every year. Business: Connect tenant with Owners, Technology: Store the listing in Database for Owners, Display the listing from database to Tenants. This can be achieved using multiple languages : PHP, Java, ASP, etc.. As Technology already exists and it enables the business to fulfil their needs, Hence this is classic example of Business driven Technology.
  2. Existence of — During 2015, Network (Visa & Master) came up with Technical solution where money transfer can happen in real time. Cashfree has leverage with technical solution and created their product “Real time refunds”. This is transferring money to customer account on near real time. Business: Provide real time refunds to customers, Technology: Solution not exists earlier, Company tapped on new technology to scale their business. Hence this is classic example of Technology driven business.

Now let’s come to our original problem. Is Musical fountain an idea of blending business with Technology, or blending technology with Business?

Yes, It’s Blending Business with Technology. Technology already exists, that can help in increasing / decreasing the speed & flow of water. Musical fountain is achieved with multiple digital colors, Digital Control Valve & Water pump along with other equipments. Synchronising these instruments with musical digital waves with lead to musical fountains.

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