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Investment for Salaried Employee

Salaried employee find difficulty in deciding the best investment options, here is the list of good investment option for a salaried employee

  1. NPS – National Pension Scheme – This investment provides an option to select the equity funded returns along with long term savings for retirement, one if can afford should invest Minimum Rs. 1000 monthly, which leads to Rs. 12,000 Annually. You will get an income tax rebate of Rs. 3,840. Their are downside of it that returns are not tax free, which means that you need to pay the tax once u withdraw the amount, but good side is that at the time of withdraw you will have minimum salary or no salary at all hence this will not come in tax bracket.
  2. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana – You should invest in this account if you have daughters as this gives the maximum rate of interest and matured money is tax free

EPF Online : Easy steps to check EPF balance online

EPF Online : Easy steps to check EPF balance online

EPFO has launched a facility to enable its subscribers to view their updated accounts online on real time basis without waiting for their annual PF account slips.

We did a quick check how the facility works and whether it really does or is it ending up with an error-on-page message. And the result was satisfactory.

Just you need to follow below mentioned steps to get your EPF details.

Step 1: Keep your EPFO account number handy. It is mentioned on your salary slip.

Step 2: Click the link Check Your EPF balance on the EPFO website,

Step 3: Select the state where your PF office is situated.

Step 4: Select the appropriate EPFO regional office. Knowing this is no rocket science. Your PF number is an alpha-numeric number and the first two letters stand for regional office.

For instance, if the your PF number is TN/MAS/31309/1234 then choose TN as regional office code.

Step 5: Fill the online form with your name (as it appears on salary slip), your mobile number and your PF number. In the first box, you need to key in seven digits. So, in the example cited above, the set of number has only 5 digits, 31309. Here you have to add 00 in the first two boxes. Next box, fill in the three digit establishment code or leave it blank if you don’t have one.

Finally, the account number 1234 in the last box, and click submit.

You will receive an SMS with your EPFO account balance, if your records are updated with EPFO office.

Keep in mind that the account balance is updated up to 31/3/2013.