Memory Allocation for Process in Unix

Memory Allocation for Process in Unix Most of the persons feel that main is the function which got executed first, but before that their is one function that got called, instructions for that is added by the linker, and that function calls the main function. As part of ISO standards, signature of the main function should be

main(int argc, char **argv)

earlier defination of this is

main(int argc, char **argv, char **environ)

Why ISO removed the environ, as this is a global variable that can be accessed using the extern from any file. Their are some alternatives, to use the getenv / setenv / putenv / clearenv to get the envrionment variables. As per naming conventions, data inside these should be in Name=Value pair. Their are various memory areas those you should be aware of

  1. Text Area
  2. Initialized Data Section
  3. uninitialized Data Section
  4. Stack
  5. Heap

Details of each and every area Text Area This area is readonly, so that no one can change the instructions lying in that area, it started at fixed memory location in case of unix

EPF Online : Easy steps to check EPF balance online

EPF Online : Easy steps to check EPF balance online

EPFO has launched a facility to enable its subscribers to view their updated accounts online on real time basis without waiting for their annual PF account slips.

We did a quick check how the facility works and whether it really does or is it ending up with an error-on-page message. And the result was satisfactory.

Just you need to follow below mentioned steps to get your EPF details.

Step 1: Keep your EPFO account number handy. It is mentioned on your salary slip.

Step 2: Click the link Check Your EPF balance on the EPFO website,

Step 3: Select the state where your PF office is situated.

Step 4: Select the appropriate EPFO regional office. Knowing this is no rocket science. Your PF number is an alpha-numeric number and the first two letters stand for regional office.

For instance, if the your PF number is TN/MAS/31309/1234 then choose TN as regional office code.

Step 5: Fill the online form with your name (as it appears on salary slip), your mobile number and your PF number. In the first box, you need to key in seven digits. So, in the example cited above, the set of number has only 5 digits, 31309. Here you have to add 00 in the first two boxes. Next box, fill in the three digit establishment code or leave it blank if you don’t have one.

Finally, the account number 1234 in the last box, and click submit.

You will receive an SMS with your EPFO account balance, if your records are updated with EPFO office.

Keep in mind that the account balance is updated up to 31/3/2013.