Author : Yamini Gupta

Do you know what are aliens?

Let me tell you.

Aliens are fictional creatures who are a part of the creative minds of people, who live in outer space.  Aliens  Life is also known as ‘ EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE ‘.  Some believe that aliens are real and live on ‘ THE MOON ‘or on “ANOTHER PLANET’ in the Galaxy.  No one has seen or spotted any   Alien until now but we have created many fictional image of Aliens in different shapes which could be in the form of a Human Being or an Animal or even a Monster.

Like the vehicles we  use in our daily life, Aliens could also have their own vehicles. Thus we have termed it as an UFO ( UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT). Maybe Aliens use UFO’s to travel to different planets in space or search for another life form which exist in the outer galaxy. Like we Humans have different languages, aliens could also have their own language. We believe that aliens can  understand Human language.Though we are not sure, Aliens can live on Mars’s hot temperature’s. We can imagine an alien with more than 2 arms or legs. They could be Big or Small in size.

Aliens could be more smarter than Human Beings as people say they have traveled to Earth on their spaceship (UFO) which may be highly advanced in technology. Some scientists who are researching on alien life form. Our scientists are constantly developing new rovers and satellites which can travel to outer space on another planet and try to pickup any kind of  signal from  aliens.

Aliens can be friendly or dangerous. No one knows about this theory. However, in most movies made on Aliens had shown them to be Dangerous except few movies like ” Koi Mil Gaya” where the aliens were shown as friendly creatures. 

I believe that Aliens are existing creatures and not imaginary creatures because just like we, Humans are part of the Galaxy named “Milky Way” there are many such Galaxies in the Universe. So it could be possible that Aliens could be living in one of those Planets in the Galaxy.

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