Author: Yamini Gupta

We know that now in which condition we are is because of the people of the past who made it happen yes who said enough is enough. When there was all darkness for the people but when one voice picked up there was a hope of bringing the brightness back yes it was when we were been ruled by the British. When though everyone lived in the free fields felt like they were in cages. But do you think it was so easy no it was not so many people who lost their lives? For so many years this fight lead but it had an end……

It all started with a train trip to India a normal person was traveling when he was pushed out like an animal because of his color…then was the thought which struck the people why are we in this dark no one can help us except ourself then was the fight that started the freedom struggle… It was a very difficult time for all the freedom fighters who did not think about what will be for them waiting inside but just went they knew they could save India or else no one could from the rule if they were not there it would be like never before……it all started with blood flowing of the fighters and then, at last, was the time they were defeated by the freedom fighters and we all were in peace and prosperity and the brightness had returned home the one who made everyone together made that one percent hope be made of the bringing back of the brightness was no other than MAHATMA GANDHI

How from a normal became so superior because he believed in himself. And till now because of the freedom fighters we all can stand with our heads held high!!!!

Success is the BIGGEST REVENGE!!