The Females Like to Wear Hair Extensions on Valentine’s Day

If you are gifting something to your partner and she likes to wear hair extensions then you should go to buy a hair extension boxes. Every female loves to get the things which can enhance her beauty. Females are more interested to see what is coming new in the market and they do a lot of work to look great! We all know every woman wants to look great on Valentine’s Day 2018 and they do a lot of things to be the best appearance of the day. There are many girls who step in to the parties. Parties are organized everywhere in the United States. The girls all over the world loves to go out for the best Valentine’s Eves happens on The Valentine’s Day and if you are gifting them hair extension boxes then your partners must be the most happiest girl on the earth. Because, it is a competition to look the best among all other ladies and this is a genuine wish for every lady to look best among other ladies.
But when you are going out and you need to see the packaging of the hair extensions then you must need to see its presentation, because, girls would might like the hair extensions but it does not look nice to them if the packaging of the product is not done properly. That is why, hair extension boxes are the need of every guy who is going to buy a hair extension for their lovers.
Let us see the benefits of the hair extension boxes:
• Hygienic
• Damage Free
• Durable
• Space Efficient
• Enticing Outlook
• Enhanced Promotion of Brand
• Print Easy
• Cost Effective
Let us tell you about the other use of hair extension boxes:
• Jewelry Boxes
• Accessories Boxes
• Candle Holder
• Letter Organizer
This is how we get to know that is not confined to ladies but for men as well. That is why, if you are thinking about the best packaging for the gift on Valentine’s 2018 then go for the hair extension boxes. Because, it has a very major role in the gift or accessories presentation.

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Job | Engineering Manager

Job Location: Bangalore
They’re on a mission to match every developer to the right job. They launched in 2012, were the first Indian company to be funded by Y-combinator and raised $30M so far from top-tier VC’s like Khosla Ventures, Battery Ventures, Recruit Group & more.
They have 2M+ developers in our community and 1000+ enterprise customers like Amazon, VMWare, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Uber, AirBnB & more.. They have achieved some incredible gains in our customers recruiting process.
They believe every company will be a software company and They want to be the default platform to connect developers to companies.

Engineering Manager
The majority of the engineering team is in Bangalore. They have 31 engineers in total with 29 in India and 2 in PA. The PM’s + engg + design are co-located to ensure higher productivity. They’re looking for a Engineering Manager to manage their Community team. With over 2.5 million developers the their Community is one of the largest community of programmers from different domains of Computer Science (such as AI, Machine Learning and Functional Programming) who love to solve interesting problems for fun, prizes or jobs.
Leadership by inspiring yourself, our company and your customers to embrace a new method of connecting value to customers.
Leverage your skills and your customers experience to continually evolve the sales process and our product for enabling it.
Drive revenue by connecting with customers and building opportunities that will make all parties more successful.
Consistently over-achieve the business and revenue objectives set forth in your plan.
Develop and execute on a strategic plan for the territory and create reliable forecasts.
Work to develop and circulate the set of best practices that will be the foundation of this growing team.
Listen to the needs of the market and share with Product and Marketing team. Contribute towards product definition. Understand the key business & product metrics and drive decision to move them in the right direction
Prioritize tasks and schedules to accomplish the delivery goals based on business context and technical understanding
Real-time CRM tracking and updating of your customers. We use Salesforce, but even if you don’t have experience with Salesforce, an understanding of the basics about CRM tool usage is critical, coupled with an appreciation of the value of real-time activity tracking.
Keeps internal and external stakeholders updated about status of tasks and projects through timely communication of schedules, milestones, compliance, slippages, issues, risks and dependencies.
Takes ownership of all dev processes and quality practices in the team (definition, execution, continuous improvement)
oYou’re ready and willing to dive head first into a fast-paced start-up environment.
oYou have an understanding and passion for technology; you love to stay up-to-date on the latest news in the tech world.
oYou are highly analytical with the ability to assess business opportunities and read prospective buyers.
oYou are capable of developing compelling strategies that deliver results.
oYou gather and use data to inform decision making and to persuade others.
oYou have an innate ability to include multiple partners and members of the company’s management team using competitive selling in order to position products against direct and indirect competitors.
oYou have strong negotiating skills.
oYou’re a forecasting guru.
oYou have a demonstrated ability to find, manage, and close high level enterprise business in an evangelistic sales environment.
oYou have a proven record of overachieving quota and driving results in a high-growth company environment.
oYou have an established reputation as a high integrity top performer.
Current Stack:
Their tech stack is predominantly Ruby on Rails in the backend and Backbone.js in the front end (migrating to React). They are hosted completely on Amazon Web Services. Codepair is built on top of Node.js. Some other projects like Code Autocomplete uses Node.js (for performance reasons) and Code Generator uses PHP (for historic reasons).
They use Github for hosting their code and hubot for deploying code automatically. Always ready to invest on the right tools which will make the engineering team more productive.
Our Code-checker infrastructure is built on C++ and built ground up by the team. While shipping a product/feature, getting it delivered on time, able to handle the scale and security are the important factors we consider.

If interested please share your updated CV with CTC Details and Notice.
99000 26598

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Unknown Facts About Time Management for Internet Marketers Revealed By The Experts

Are you an internet marketer?  Whether you sell your service to webmasters or if you market your own website, blog, product, or service, time management is important.  When you properly manage your time, you get more work done.  Since this work involves marketing and sharing website links throughout the internet, that work can translate into more income.

The best way to not let distractions and interruptions ruin your ability to market is to keep on working.  No matter what do it.  Focus your attention solely on the internet marketing tasks at hand and nothing else.  This allows you to get your work done and on time.

When you have a deadline to meet that you can’t.  Many online workers double as internet marketers, but some sell their services to generate income.  If you are one of those individuals, you may be faced with a deadline that you cannot meet.  If so, consider outsourcing.  Just be sure to hire a professional and experienced worker, as your company name will be attached to their work.  Before opting to outsource, ask for a deadline extension.

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