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Author: Yamini Gupta

So I’m back with another interesting and miraculous topic that is, you might have read it at the Top my journey to the unknown world. one thing about this unknown world is that it is not explored by anyone else in this world and it is also not known to anyone in this world and it is really really amazing wonderful beautiful exciting adventurous and what else should I say it is also unknown to the scientists.

So let’s start with the journey to the unknown world.

It was Friday evening and I just completed with all my online classes was about a 4 p.m. I started doing my homework and my sister just jumped out of nowhere and forced me to play hide and seek with her I was doing my homework then I thought why don’t I take a break so I told fine I will play with you then she told that you hide and I will seek so I found a place that she could not see me and that play with just under the space of my table I sat down there and she started seeking for meI got tired waiting for her to find me so I leaned back on the wood and then I fell down BOOM!!!! then I thought that the wood might have some cracks and might have been broken but the thought which came to my mind was where am I then I got up to look around and I saw that there was only fertile soil and nothing else no trees no apartments no buildings no smoke no cars no road and nothing nothing nothing.I thought that how did I get to know that the soil was fertile without touching it or going near to it then I thought I had to go back home and I started making a portal to go back home I had finished it in about 5 minutes and then I just went back home and then I saw that the time was 4 o’clock I was there for about 10 minutes and it should be around 4:20 not 4 o’clock and then I realised that the time here is puosed while I am in the other world .so without any problem I went to the world can the unknown and then I realised that I should have a helping assistant so I thought that I should make a robot and it took me about an hour to make this robot because it was very difficult and I need it all the components then a thought struck my mind what how do I know how make a robot ,how to make a portal , and how did they know that the soil was more time and then I realised thatwhen I came to this world all of these things started a current so I realise that my brain works in to 10% more when I reach to into this world and that is how mucha scientist brain work and then my robot assistant help me to roam around this world and look around I thought that greenery beautiful treesgood enhance this place more and then I bought some seed from my house and put it over the soil and water it as I know all the element help the transport of the seeds of the trees I only needed some seeds and then I realise that there was some rays called hemomonak rays which were coming from the Sun of the galaxy and they helped the plants grow really really fast and once I watered the plants they grew into trees in 10 minutes yes in 10 minutes then measured the temperature of this planet temperature equal to the temperature of a planet Earth in this was a planet just like a it could sustain life how amazing but there was only one difference this planet was not polluted like us if we take care of a planet a planet would just be so beautiful like the one here I named my robot hemi and then we created a lot more robots we also made mini backpack which woukd help to put anything you want you could put as many things you want, we made an anywhere door as the name suggests it could take us anywhere you just tell the place you want to go and you reach ,we made a helicopter ok this helicopter is mini you could put it on your head and fly anywhere like birds , and then I made invisible belt you where this belt and you become invisible wow don’t you want it. Then I need a lot more invention like into cartoon Doraemon but this invention was real I thought why don’t I bring my friends here I also made the time machine which would make us travel in time than in the time machine and to went to the future of that are known world but I saw that there were a lot of people there and it was just like our world too many factories too much smoke and no more greenery, I thought that I should keep it a secret to my friend, they might tell it to other people and this will spread over the whole world and they would come to this place and spoil it as they have done to our Earth.

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So if you want to live in a world like the unknown world you should make our Earth a better place to live, we can save our earth by reducing pollution and then Earth will also be as beautiful as the unknown world!!!

Suddenly it started raining in the unknown world, no it was just my mom trying to wake me up from my sleep they told I slept below the table as I was waiting for my sister to find me.


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