Author : Yamini Gupta

Don’t you like to go to a place where you can meet yourself not just like you but totally opposite in qualities, but looks totally like you, you will be surely be amazed to see a person like that who does not exist in your world. Here I am to share a similar journey with you to the mirror world but this world is really weird trust me.

So let us all start with our wonderful and weird journey.

It was Sunday morning I combing my hair and my Comb suddenly fell down my hand I bent to pick it up you won’t believe it but this really happened while I was bending down my head literally went through the mirror I know mirrors are usually coated with aluminum at the back so we can see our reflection but I was really able to go through the mirror does that mean I was able to go to a really different world I was so excited to explore somewhere that I have never gone it was just like a gate to the mirror world.

Yeah the mirror world, I went in and found a world just like ours someone who is looking like me was combing her hair ???? It took me 5 minutes to understand and the one who was standing in front of me, was me, miraculously I understood that she was me in the mirror world she had totally different identities, she was totally opposite but she totally, looked the same as me it was just like I am with my own twin sister, but perhaps it was not only me but also my mum my dad and my sister oh my gosh this was a blunder I was really scared at the first, but then I stood up and understood the logic that looks there is a mirror world just like ours is a world where human beings live just like our world, and they have totally different qualities not like us just opposite to look like us I know that does not make any sense, but it was very difficult for me to understand and I know it is also for you. So like I went to the school there they gave importance to extracurricular activities, not at all to subjects, like the dance music and pt every day and maths science English Hindi and other subjects only once in a week like we have the extracurricular activities once in a week they had subjects once in a week it’s just like story opposite to ours it isn’t just activities and fun, and all the smart students had become deficient and all the deficient students had become extra smart and the people who were in middle were fine, just the same. I have to explore all of your stuff I remember that I have a life in the otherworld to in my own word in I am getting late for school so I ran towards my twin’s house and went into the mirror that I had come through and I reached my home again started combing my hair and then I was happy that I had reached home, this journey was the weirdest journey as I’ve never seen anything like this.

So this is my journey to the mirror world.

I know it’s not easy to believe me, but I am telling you this story with so much belief because my twin gave me a small bracelet that she loved so that I could remember that I had a visit to a world that was way weirder than any human can imagin, the mirror world and I saw that bracelet write in my hand while I was combing my hair and this proves that I had really gone to that world.

So if you have gone to such a weird and awesome journey comment down.!!!