They can be seen here as a diagram. Many times it determines the amount of capital they feel they can safely invest in the business. The mortgage payable is that amount still due at the close of books for the year. Bonds payable. The total of all bonds at the end of the year that are due and payable over a period exceeding one year. Accounts receivable accounts payable customer credit or a few the things that are adopted by the accounting department. The marketing department is the backbone for sales. The marketing department markets the products or goods that have been produced by the production department. Article has been created with the help of !

Customers also provide suggestions & feedback about business products & services. According to Allen (2008), control allows for ease of delegating tasks and judi bola as managers may be held responsible for their employees’ actions, may way to provide timely feedback of accomplishments. The tasks determine how the activities carried out and that allows the organizations to operate in a more efficient way. It is necessary that all the activities in the organization or according to their sops or standard operating procedures. The process of managing flow of the money in the organization is called accounting while monitoring that will of the money and checking if fertilization is done in a proper way is called auditing.

On the other hand, auditing is to check if the fun answers are in the proper direction. It is crucial that auditing is done by a third-party company which would be impartial in the results since a partial auditing result is no good in the long run. The analysis of the balance sheet should be kept short and cover key points about the company. The no fee rewards program earns you ThankYou Points. Economies and markets change with time, and a mature organization needs to expand their core functions so that they are able to achieve a new level of growth. Article was generated with the help of .

These types of business activities are a very important determinant of the organization since they are directly related to the profits. The assets and liabilities are matched properly and it is desirable to have more Assets and liabilities for the better financial health of the organization. The amount attributed to owner’s equity is the difference between total assets and total liabilities. Total liabilities. The sum of total current and long-term liabilities. Total current liabilities. The sum of accounts payable, accrued liabilities, and taxes. Once the liabilities have been listed, the final portion of the balance sheet-owner’s equity-needs to be calculated.